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Welllll…. we managed to eat like vegans for 4 meals.  Uuhhhh….

Allow me to explain.  We ate like vegans actually for 5 days because I made 2 hearty soups that fed us fantastic leftovers.  We started on Monday and went all the way through Friday, sort of.  I made a total of 4 vegan recipes (one was for lunch and too easy to write a whole post about so I’ll just have to tell you about it), but here’s what happened.  The NASCAR race was in town and there was so much going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday that by Saturday I caved.  I’m not proud of it.  But sometimes when you’ve been drinking beer for a good part of the day and you already came up with some great vegan recipes, it’s hard to come up with more.  So basically, I just got lazy.  There…. I said it.  I’ve decided today that I will not beat myself up over it.  4 meals was pretty good and it’s not my fault that it was race weekend.  Plus, I had too high of expectations to be able to quit all dairy and meat cold turkey.

Instead, I think our goal for right now will be to eat a few vegan meals a week, a few vegetarian meals a week and just try to skip red meat, chicken and fish as much as possible.  I’ll report back with, hopefully, better news next week.  But for the time being I will share my handful of awesome vegan recipes!

This was Vegan Meal #2!  And to my surprise, it was pretty good!  Good enough that I will make it again.  This is another recipe that I found on Whole Foods’ website.  As I said in the last post, I was stunned by how many fantastic recipes they have on their website.  My favorite thing about all their recipes is that they are so different!  There’s a huge variety and that is absolutely what we need if we are going to embark on this journey… again.

As I said, this is an awesome vegan dish.  It’s really simple to make and also pretty quick, you just have to chop up a few veggies and cook the soba noodles which take a whopping 4 minutes to cook.  The peanut butter was definitely a different taste for me since we have never eaten anything savory with peanut butter.  But, I think that having the tahini and tamari helped balance out that out.  The snow peas were my favorite part of this dish too.  I got some of the best snow peas ever from Whole Foods last week.  I couldn’t stop eating them.  On a side note- this does make a LOT.  And sadly, it does not keep well, at all.  The noodles really soak up the sauce, but not in a good way.  You lose a lot of flavor.  So if you are making this for just 2 people, half this recipe.  Otherwise, if you are making this for a family of 4, you’ll be good with the recipe as is.  I just wanted to warn you.  However, if you eat this all right after you make it, yum.  It’s really great!

Taken straight from Whole Foods’ website (with only a couple minor changes)
Serves 4

1- 8oz package of soba noodles
2 cups of snow peas
2 tablespoons of roasted, unsalted, unsweetened peanut butter, or almond butter (this is VERY important.  Do not sub any other type of peanut butter!!!)
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 tablespoon tamari (gluten-free soy sauce.  You could use regular soy sauce here)
1 tablespoon tahini
1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1 1/2 cups shredded carrots
1 red pepper, thinly sliced
2 scallions, sliced
3 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds

Cook soba noodles according to package.  You can add the snow peas about one minute before the noodles are done, but I put mine in fresh.

In a large bowl, whisk together the peanut butter, rice vinegar, tamari, tahini and red pepper flakes.  Add a splash of warm water to thin the sauce if desired.  Add the noodles, snow peans, carrots, red pepper, scallions and sesame seeds.  Toss to coat everything with the sauce.  Serve at room temp or chilled (it’s best at room temp)!

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