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It’s always a sign that warm weather is approaching when I start craving a minty, sugary, boozey beverage.  I’m sorry, but nothing is better than sitting in a chair, in the sun, in my bathing suit, in my backyard, with a mojito in my hand and hubby and dog by my side.  Total bliss.

For the record- I am not a mint fan.  Ok, wait, that was a bold statement.  It’s not so much that I’m not a fan, it’s more of… I’m picky about mint (just like I’m picky about kneading dough and my pizza sauce and a list of a million other things).  I like mint in the following items:

  • Toothpaste
  • Gum

That’s it.  I don’t like mint in my chocolate candies, or my chocolate pudding, I don’t like mint in my pasta, pizza, soup, quinoa, cookies, ice cream, pie… NOTHING.  I will only take mint in those 2 things above and that is it.

That was until Brad and I went to Cancun for our honeymoon.  One day, early on in our trip, while laying out by the pool in the hot sun, Brad decided he was going to walk over to the pool bar and get a mojito.  Little did we know that would change our lives as we knew it.  Ok… maybe it didn’t change our lives, but it certainly made my list longer of minty things I like!

It was incredible.  It was sweet and fizzy and had a kick of rum, but it wasn’t killing me.  And most of all… the mint was unlike what I had ever had before.  It was so fresh and sweet and unbelievably delicious.  From that day on, we drank mojitos like they were water (not really, we drank a lot of water while we were down there).  Margarita?  Nah.  Strawberry Daiquiri?  Nah.  Rum and Coke?  Ew!  What’s that?  Modelo Beer?  Ok… that was the runner-up to the mojitos.  But essentially for the rest of the week we lived on Mojitos, Modelo beer and water.  Oh and fresh squeezed orange juice (oh good heavens that was good orange juice).

Cancun was awesome.

When we came home it was our mission to learn how to make a great mojito.  And it was far easier than we had expected!  They just require sugar, mint, lime juice, rum and tonic water!  We had to do some improvising as we don’t have a muddler, but we made do with the other end of our hand-held juicer .  We lived off of these last summer and this is about my third one so far this year and I cannot wait to make many more!  Be careful though, you can’t consume too many of these, they’ll knock you off your feet quickly.  At least, they can for me.  I get so excited that I want to drink 5 of them… that’s not a good idea.  1 or 2…or maybe 3… now that’s a good idea.


Makes 1- about 10 oz Mojito

1 – 1.5 tablespoons sugar (I like mine very sweet, so I do 1.5 tablespoons.  If you want yours way less sweet, add less than a tablespoon)
1/2 lime, juiced
6-8 medium size fresh mint leaves
1-2 (1.5oz) shots of white rum
Tonic water

In a glass, muddle sugar, lime juice and mint leaves together.  Place a few cubes of ice in the glass and pour in the rum.  Fill the rest of the glass with tonic water.  Stir and serve!

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