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Ok, so here’s the deal.  I had one of the busiest weeks ever this past week.  And I hate to even admit it, but I really didn’t even do that much cooking.  Tragic, I know.  Here’s what happened:

Monday we had to take Cash to get neutered in a town that’s about 45 minutes away from our house.  So rather than driving out there twice and coming home twice, Brad and I decided to make a little bit of a day of it and hung out at a local coffee shop for a few hours, drove to REI, wandered the aisles and then went rock climbing!  It was awesome!  Lucky for us (and Cash), the clinic called us early to pick him up.  Tuesday was hot has balls so we went to a local water park/public pool thing for a few hours and then came home and passed out and then I went and saw Magic Mike with Brad’s mom and one of my friends (it was surprisingly better than I thought it would be.  Made me quite a bit uncomfortable still!).  Wednesday I worked from 4am-12pm for my new job (oh yea… did I say anything about that?  I got a job at a local cupcake bakery and it’s pretty much the most awesome thing ever, even if it’s so early in the morning), came home and slept for a bit and then, well, didn’t do a whole lot as Brad had 2 softball games that I didn’t go to because I had to work the next morning at 4 again.  We did make chicken salads that night, but they just weren’t anything special to tell you guys about.  Thursday, I worked from 4-12 again, and then stopped by my parents house to hang out with my mom for an hour, then went home, took a nap, took a shower and went to the Indiana State Museum to help our wedding photographer (who is the best wedding photographer ever!) with a bridal show till about 10:30!  Then Friday I worked at the shoe store from 11-6 and went straight to my parents house for my brother’s birthday!  Oh and yesterday we ran some errands, went out on Brad’s parents’ boat, got some coal oven pizza and PF Changs and watched Fight Club at a theater at midnight that we damn near slept through.

Wow.  Did you think I would tell you all of that?  I didn’t think it would take that long to tell you guys about my week.  Whatever.  Now you know.  Sometimes I hate being busy like that, but every time I sit at home with nothing to do, I complain.  I just don’t handle being bored very well.  But this past week was actually really fun so I was ok with all of it!

Anywho… allow me to tell you about this buffalo chicken dip that I made and have posted all these photos of for you.  Someone I know once made this for a girl’s night out evening and I fell in love with it, made it at home twice and then instantly forgot about it.  Until I was wasting time on Pinterest (my name is eislerevans on there, you can follow me but I forget about Pinterest often and so I don’t have a whole lot pinned) and came across someone’s pin for buffalo chicken dip.  And I thought to myself “well son of a … I completely forgot about that!  I’m making that for lunch this week!”  I was pretty excited about it.

It’s very easy to make and you can eat it hot or cold.  Personally, though, I eat it cold because whenever I’m ready to eat it, I’m too impatient to heat it up.  The recipe that I found via Pinterest was unnecessarily complicated and time consuming.  You want to know what I did?  Threw everything in a bowl and mixed it.  Believe me, it’ll be just fine that way.  I also like to just go by taste with the ingredients.  Sometimes I want it a little bit more buffalo-y, sometimes I don’t.  It just depends on what I’m in the mood for.  So be sure to do some taste testing while mixing all of this together. Also, I skip the shredded cheese from time to time.  I’ve made this dip a total of three times and two of the three I have left the shredded cheese out… and I couldn’t tell a difference.  Add it if you want, but in my opinion, if I can’t tell it’s missing, then I don’t need it, especially the added fat and calories.

This dip would be suuuper perfect for Sunday football games when all you want to do is snack.  It’d be perfect for (obviously) the Super Bowl, but it’s also really great for a gathering, or, in my case, whenever you have a craving for it (because once you try this, you will find yourself craving it randomly).  Most people serve it with tortilla chips.  It’s great that way, but try it with some Tricuits too.  It’ll surprise you who well they go together.  I hope you consider this the next time you have friends over for something.  It’s just such a great dip.  And like I said, you can still have it in the summer by serving it cold… or hot.  However you like it!

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Dumbed down from The Girl Who Ate Everything (I found this on Pinterest)

1- 12 oz can of chunk chicken
1- 8 oz package of lower fat cream cheese
1/4-1/2 cup of ranch dressing (go by taste on this one)
1/2 cup of your favorite buffalo sauce (again, go by taste)
3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese (optional)

The easiest way to do this (when all the ingredients are cold) is to mix the cream cheese and chicken together first.  Then add the ranch and buffalo sauce, mixing as you add those in.  You can then add the shredded cheese if you choose.

I’ve heated this up in the microwave before and it’s worked just fine.

Serve with tortilla chips or reduced fat Triscuits.

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