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Holy cow you guys.  I’ve been working on another post but keep forgetting to finish it.  Then I made this delicious beverage and realized I had to stop everything I was doing to post about it.

I stumbled upon this recipe while wasting time on The Berry and knew as soon as I saw it I needed to try it this week.  I don’t know if any of you have had an Orange Julius, but they are pretty good.  But this is actually better.  Not only is it vegan, but it’s freaking healthy!  And it’s super easy!  This is what you do:

Throw a frozen banana, the juice 2 oranges, a splash of vanilla extract and some ice in a blender and blend it.


Yea.  That’s it.  I had to make some changes though, as our we got rid of our old blender and I gave back the one we were borrowing to my mom, so currently we only have an immersion blender.  It works really well, except not on frozen stuff.  So I didn’t freeze the banana all the way and I added hardly any ice.  And it was still so good.

This is perfect for breakfast, a morning snack, an afternoon snack and even dessert!  I think I’m going to start freezing some bananas and buying oranges from Sam’s Club so I can make these all.the.time.

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Vegan Orange Julius
From Girl Makes Food 
Makes one small serving (I wish I doubled it!)

1 frozen banana
2 oranges, juiced
splash of vanilla extract
1 cup of ice (or less)

Combine everything in a blender until smooth.  And enjoy!