Hi!  I decided that after a good 3 1/2 months off from blogging I might start back up again.  A lot has happened in those last 3 1/2 months so I will try to catch you up on some of it and maybe you’ll understand why it’s been so long since I have blogged. . .

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… oh wait, no, that’s Star Wars.

Ok, sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.  Let’s start with the most important things first.  Brad has a completely new job in a completely new city.  We now live in Nashville, TN.  Yep.  We are Volunteers now instead of Hoosiers.  Let’s be honest though, I never called myself a Hoosier b/c Hoosiers are people that go to Indiana University and I most certainly DID NOT GO TO IU.  I would say I was an Indiana-an.  I loved living in Indiana.  We were certain it was the greatest city for us and that it was a great fit.  However, things happen and plans change and we landed in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Nashville.  We sold our house in record timing (well, we agreed on an offer within a week of putting it on the market anyway), packed up everything we own and moved it 4 1/2 hours south to Tennessee.  Half of our house is in storage and the other half is shoved somewhere in this apartment.

We have learned though that Nashville is actually a SUPER cool city and believe it or not, Nashville is a totally foodie city.  Never would have thought it.  There are a million things to do here and a million places to eat.  It’s turned out to be a pretty great move, minus that fact that all of our family lives in Indy still.  It’s ok though, phones and FaceTime are miracle workers!

So I figured, while I’m unemployed and don’t have much to do expect for look for jobs during the day, I might as well start blogging again.  This way I’ll at least feel like I talk to someone other than the dogs and Brad.  Let me go through the recent happenings that I have documented with my iPhone.  Photos are always nice.

photo 1_3_2_2I went with Brad to Nashville for his job interview.

photo 4_3_2_2 photo 3_3_2_2 photo 2_3_2_2
Cash had his 1 year birthday and Etta had her 4 year anniversary with us.  So naturally I made them a doggie cake and wrote on it with peanut butter.  We also took them to a park and they cuddled in Etta’s bed.

photo 1_3_2Brad accepted the offer for his new job and we put the house on the market.  That was a weird day for sure.

photo 2_3_2 photo 3_3_2
We went back to Nashville to check out apartments and ate at a crazy good cafe called Fido.  Yum.

photo 4_3_2Then I turned 26.  That was pretty fun.  My mom made me a brownie, chocolate pudding and whipped cream trifle.

photo 1_3We went out for Brad’s brother’s birthday where I got accidentally drunk and ended the night with an Irish Car Bomb that I actually didn’t drink much of.

photo 4_3 photo 2_3
We went to opening night for the Indianapolis Indian’s and then went the next night too.

photo 3_3We got Cash a backpack so now he and Etta match.

photo 1We saw somehow scored almost front row seats for Joe Rogan.

photo 2Brad helped me pack.  I made a point to be crazy organized and it totally paid off.

photo 3We moved Brad down to Nashville where he lived in the apartment with 2 lawn chairs, a tv, an air mattress and a trunk for two weeks.  Total bachelor pad.

photo 4I drove home with both dogs, who decided the front seat was the best spot for the two of them to be the whole 4 1/2 hours.

photo 2_3_2_2_2 photo 1_3_2_2_2
We went to Nashville, IN for Brad’s mom’s birthday and spent 4 hours trying to build a fire using a bow drill kit.  We ended up having to give up.  They built a massive fire though!

photo 3_3_2_2_2I packed some more.

photo 4_3_2_2_2Picked up the giant U-Haul.

photo 1_2_2_2 photo 2_2_2_2
I went to the Taylor Swift concert with the most bestest friend ever.  And damn near lost my voice from singing and screaming so loudly.

photo 3_2_2_2Then we moved.  And I took photos of our empty house.

photo 4_2_2_2And we took photos in front of the house.

photo 1_2_2_2_2And in the back of the house.

photo 3_2_2_2_2 photo 2_2_2_2_2
We moved all of our things into a one bedroom apartment (we had lots of help of course!).

photo 1_2_2Cash watched Nashville with me one day.  He liked it a lot.  It’s a pretty freaking good show.

photo 4_2_2_2_2The dogs got muddy at the dog park.

photo 2_2_2I’ve been doing a lot of cuddling with the dogs.

photo 4_2_2I made fresh margaritas.

photo 3_2_2I also got my first pair of cowboy boots that I want to wear all day everyday.

photo 1_2I made my first carnitas.  They were crazy good. I served them with a guacamole salad.  (the carnitas were a cross between this recipe and this one)

photo 2_2Cash decided he wanted to chew on one of my old tshirts and was carrying it around like Linus with his blanket.  But then he shredded it to pieces so we had to throw it away.  (it’s a blurry photo but you get the idea!)

photo 4_2I was asked to make a birthday cake for a coworker of Brad’s.  I thoroughly enjoyed that!  It was chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and buttercream for the decorations.

photo 1_2_2_2_2_2We’ve eaten some of the best food ever.  All I ever want to eat is BBQ so that’s been a change.  We did find the best pizza place we have ever eaten.  It’s also the coolest place we have ever eaten at too.

photo 2_2_2_2_2_2The dogs have become very close throughout this whole move.

photo 3_2_2_2_2_2And today I made chocolate/chocolate chip cookies.

There’s definitely more that we have done but that’s all stuff I have actual photos for.

So my plans for this blog now is to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on in our lives in Nashville.  With not working, I have been doing a LOT of baking to keep myself occupied so I do plan on posting recipes still, but my hope is that I will start writing more and sometimes it might have absolutely nothing to do with food.  We’ll see what happens.

This weekend should be interesting.  It’s our first weekend back in Indy since we both moved.  But we won’t be there long.  We’re doing Tough Mudder on Saturday in a suburb of Chicago.  And we’ll be busy doing last minute stuff at the house so it will be ready for the closing.

Anyway, that’s that.  I’m sorry it’s been so long.  It’s been a quick, stressful and crazy past few months!

Oh- by the way.  Some of these photos are from my Instagram.  Feel free to check that out.  I am a little addicted and love posting on there!