Welp, I guess today is the last day of 2012.  Is anybody else trying to figure out where the year went??  I thought I would take a second to write a New Years Eve post while my cannoli tart is baking in the oven.  I feel like this every year and I’m really starting to wonder who is making time go so fast.  Whoever it is better stop it.  Now.

We had a pretty busy yet fun year… the superbowl was in town,


we did Tough Mudder,


we got a puppy (and Etta hated us for it),


we did the Mutt Strut,


we went to the Indy 500,


we went to lord knows how many baseball games (including one in Cincinnati!),


I turned 25 (and we went to New Jersey to celebrate it!  Oh, and Brad had a huge beard then),


Brad turned 28,


we had our 2 year anniversary (that I recreated our wedding meal for),


we went to the Brickyard 400, we went to the motorcycle races at the track (I have no decent photos from those),

Brad took me on my first trip to the State Fair and I ate fair food for the first time,


we went hiking and camping a few times,


we went on our annual vacation to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my family,


we went to a couple Purdue football games,


I got a new job working at a bakery, I started this new blog website, and we had a blizzard!  Dang!  That’s a lot of stuff!  Crazy thing is… there’s probably a lot more that I just can’t think of at the moment!

Yea, 2012 was a really great year.  I’ll miss it, that’s for sure.  As for 2013… who really knows what will happen.  I’m stumped.  I know that we’ll do Tough Mudder in May and we’ll go to the 500… but that’s about all we have planned.  I’ve never really been big on New Years resolutions… I’ve tried them but they never really work.  I think it’s because new years never feel different to me.  Like tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be 2013.  But it will mostly be just a Tuesday.  So in my mind, since it’s a normal Tuesday, why would I magically change??  Nah.  There are always things year round that I like to work on improving.  Maybe eating healthier (something’s definitely brewing on that subject, you’ll find out soon enough), skipping eating out, not worrying so much about things, maybe get off my butt and exercise… it’s all the same ol things.  So I think rather than making resolutions, I’ll just keep working on what I have already been working on.  That makes more sense… right??

I don’t know.  2013 could be a life changer for all I know.  But what I do know is that I am happy where I am.  I love Brad, I love the family Brad and I have created with our 2 dogs.  I love our house, I love my job, I love living in Indy, I love all of my family… I just love it all.  And I guess what it all comes down to… is that I am just really excited and fortunate to live another year of my life.

Well, my tart has been out of the oven for awhile now, but I need to go cover my nails with sparkles and get my beef bourguignon going…

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years Eve tonight.  And most importantly, I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2013!!

Oh, and I just thought everyone needed to see this to start their night off right.

Happy New Year!!!!!!