I told you… the next few posts were going to be Mexican-ish food.  I just about forgot about this one!  I guess having a puppy does that to you.  I’m starting to worry what I’m going to be like when we have actual babies.  I might just forget everything.  Luckily though, we decided to stay in this Friday night (first time in a few weeks that we have actually wanted to stay home on a Friday night) so it has given me the opportunity to catch up on a couple posts!  You’re welcome.

Raise your hand if you love queso.  Wait… I can’t see you.  Don’t raise your hand.  If you did… well, then, good for you, you are just like me.  I would have raised my hand.  Anyway…

Who doesn’t love this part of going out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner?  I swear, I could go and eat a bucket of queso and drink a bucket of margarita and I’d be happy as…. uhhh… well… a drunk person filled with queso (by the way, when I get tired, I ramble… hence this post).

Well, I love queso.  As I’m sure you got from that.  But I have never had luck making it at home.  I once found a recipe in a Food Network magazine from Bobby Flay and it might have been the grossest thing I have ever made.  It started with a rue and I think that’s where it went wrong.  From the beginning.

I was genuinely scarred from that recipe and haven’t attempted to make homemade queso since (that was a good year ago).  But I stumbled upon this recipe while surfing Annie’s Eats a couple weeks ago and it didn’t look terrifying.  I made sure to check for flour and when I saw that it wasn’t in there, I knew this recipe was worth trying.  I did skip a few things, but we’ll get to that in the recipe.

Seriously?  Look at that mountain of cheese.

This was an absolute winner.  While it’s still not exactly like what you get in the restaurants, it’s pretty close.  Probably as close as I’ll ever get.  It makes a ton too and it reheats quite well, so it lasted us a couple days.  It’s a great snack for sure.  Next time I go on a homemade Mexican food binge, I’ll make this.  It’ll actually most likely go in our cycle of guacamole and salsa.  Now it’ll be guacamole one weekend, salsa the next and the next will be queso.

Yea, we like ourselves some Mexican food for sure.

Adapted from Annie’s Eats

1 tablespoon canola or vegetable oil
1/4 cup onion, chopped
2 jalapenos, seeded and finelychopped (could even use a couple more in my opinion)
12 oz White American Cheese roughly chopped
4 oz Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded
1/4 – 2/3 cup milk

Heat oil in a saucepan to medium and cook the onion and jalapeno until tender.  Reduce heat to low and add cheeses and milk, stirring until completely melted.  Add more milk to achieve desired consistency.  Serve immediately or store in a covered container for a few days.

**The original recipe says to add tomato and cilantro to the queso.  I skipped the tomato and added only a tiny bit of cilantro.  I don’t think it needs either of them.  You can definitely try it, but I wasn’t feeling those 2 ingredients.  Just so you know!