Welcome to the home of the new and improved What Did You Eat Yesterday Food Blog!!

After lots of contemplating, struggling and questioning where and how to find a new home for my blog, I have settled on this one!  It’s still not quite at professional quality (I still need a DSLR and more money and lessons to write code (whaaaa??) for this bad boy) but I am really excited for this new website and journey!

My blog started at Tumblr and I will forever love that site.  For someone who had no clue what they were doing or if it was even worth the effort, it was a great place for me to start.  It was easy and actually made sense to me.  But after realizing that people struggled with finding my website (whatdyoueatyesterday.tumblr.com doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, nor does it stick in peoples’ heads very well) and doing lots of research, I decided that it was time to move on to a more serious site.  I don’t have the heart to get rid of my Tumblr blog though, so don’t worry, you can go back from time to time!

I have been a decision that I am not going to transfer any posts from my old blog to this new one.  I want a fresh start and I want to make a serious effort to get some great photos (and more photos) and have a different look to my posts.  Don’t worry though, I’ll always write like I’m talking to you… mostly because I don’t know any other way.  (I was never good at formal papers in school)  Another reason why I’m not transferring over all my old posts is because, well, quite frankly, I don’t want to mess with it.  There’s a lot involved with that and I would rather start new with this new website and new look!  Oh, also, I don’t want to transfer the old posts because now I can redo some of those old recipes and make them better!  Yay!!

For those of you who do not know much about me, allow me to give you some background!  I’m 25 years old and live in Indianapolis with my husband Brad and our puppy (she’s not actually a puppy) Etta.  I went to Purdue University (feels like FOREVER ago) and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, Focus in Ceramics and a Minor in Art History.  For many years, I thought art was my passion.  I loved studying art throughout college and I wouldn’t change what I studied for the world.  Some may not think it’s the most useful degree but I am proud to say I have a degree in Ceramics from Purdue University.  While I don’t spend quite as much time creating artwork after school as I thought I would, it has and always will be a large part of my life and who I am.  I still make things from time to time, but right at this moment in my life, food is at the top of my passion list.

So how did I get so into food?  Good question!  Well, I have always baked and cooked since I was little.  I used to help my mom in the kitchen probably since I could hold a spoon and stir (stirring is always my most favorite part of baking, weird, I know).  I grew up in a family that rarely went out to eat.  My mom and dad cooked probably 99% of the meals we ate.  There are a million photos from when I was little in the kitchen.  It’s just where I grew up, in the kitchen!  I didn’t cook a whole lot when I was in college because I lived in a dorm for the first 3 years.  But my senior year I lived in an apartment (oh the horror).  I cooked every once and awhile, but let me tell you, it’s hard to cook for yourself (I never let me roommate eat my food).  So I would find myself making an entire corn casserole and eating about 1/8 of it and then freezing the rest, to only not really eat much of it ever again.

Enter: Brad.  We started dating the summer before my senior year of college and really, the rest is history.  I cooked for him when he came and visited me up at school (I made him mostaccioli for his first birthday with me.  I also made him spaghetti on our first real date) and we would cook together when I visited him in Indy.  But it was really the day we got married that changed everything.  September 26th, 2010.  We came home from our honeymoon and all of a sudden I realized I was going to have to start feeding this guy!  (Correction: he does cook and he does cook with me, so the whole food thing wasn’t/isn’t all on my shoulders.)   I started getting excited about what I was cooking, I looked for new recipes, old recipes that I hadn’t had in awhile, new foods we hadn’t eaten… all of it.  And it was then that it hit me.  I love making food for people I love. 

And so I created a food blog.  You’ll find all kinds of food on this blog, just as you did on my Tumblr blog.  Some healthy, some, uh, well, maybe not so much.  Some sweets, some satlies…  Some of it I create myself, some of it comes from others.  But I can guarantee everything will be deeeeelicious!!